Our Immigration Services

Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services provides quality help to ensure you experience a smooth, successful immigration to Canada.

Through local support in many countries, as well as professional immigration legal support in Canada, we ensure that all aspects of your immigration process is handled seamlessly. Below is a summary of our "Steps to Canadian Immigration":

  • Complete the Online Assessment and submit it to us.
  • We will inform you of your chances of eligibility within 24 hours of receiving your completed assessment form. Your eligibility will be rated as "excellent", "good", "possible" or "unlikely".
  • If your chances for immigration look favourable, Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services will provide you with information about its services and fee structure, as well as information about what you must provide in order to build your immigration portfolio.
  • Upon your acceptance of using WWEIS.COM, you will receive an agreement detailing service fees, required payments and our service guarantee.
  • WWEIS.COM will send you a package with completed application forms and a list of documents to be provided by you.
  • Review and then return the completed forms and documents to us. To avoid delays in processing time, please ensure that all forms have been completed correctly.
  • Wordlwide Employment & Immigration Services, Inc. will review the forms and advise you of any missing or unclear information.
  • Make an appointment for yourself and any co-applicants or dependents for a medical examination by a Canadian Embassy approved medical practitioner. Contact us to help you determine the practitioner closest one to your area of work or residence.
  • Obtain police clearances for yourself and any co-applicants or dependents. Contact WWEIS.COM to assist in this matter. Please note that you will only be responsible for the costs you incur directly.
  • Upon receiving your processing fee, your application is submitted by courier to the Embassy.
  • Upon advisement by the Embassy of your acceptance and confirmation of your interview date, WWEIS.COM will begin training you for the Personal Assessment Interview at the Immigration Processing Centre, and for your new life in Canada.
  • Upon receipt of your visa, we will transfer it to you. WWEIS.COM must have received your payment for the remainder of the consultancy fees when it transfers the visa to you.
  • Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services will assist you in the obtaining of passports, if required, and obtaining air tickets.
  • We will provide orientation into the Canadian community and orientation in the Canadian employment and accommodation market, and assistance with obtaining necessary documents after your arrival such as Social Insurance Number, Health Card, Driver's License and others.
  • Over the next months, Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services will check in with you from time to time, and provide support in getting your Canadian Citizenship.

Get Started Today!

Fill out and submit the Online Assessment form. Within 24 hours you will receive a free evaluation of your chances of a successful immigration to Canada.

Our Service Guarantee

Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services guarantees its clients that a substantial portion of the fees paid in advance will be returned if the application for permanent residence is rejected by the Immigration Office. HOWEVER, if we have previously determined the chances of eligibility were poor and recommended against proceeding, and the applicant proceeds despite the risks, no such repayment is offered.

Successful results and a refund of the fees paid cannot be guaranteed if:

  • The applicant or his family member fails to satisfy the Immigration Office that the information provided in the application is true;
  • The results of medical examinations prevent the Immigration Office from approving the application;
  • The applicant committed a crime that the Canadian Government deems to be reason for inadmissibility.

Please contact us if you need more details.

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