Frequently Asked Questions

Is Canada still accepting immigrants?
Canada is considered by many to be the country most willing to accept foreign immigrants. Contrary to most of the Western world, Canada continues to increase its immigration targets. Additionally, the Provincial Governments' powers over immigration are expanding so that skilled migrants can satisfy local needs.

What do I need to do to apply?
All an applicant needs to do is contact our office in Toronto or write, fax or email us. We will provide you with an assessment of your chances. Click here for contact information.

Will I need anything other than your kit?
No. All required application forms, samples of completed forms, lists of documents to be submitted, are provided by Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services

How long does it take to obtain a permanent resident permit?
Depending on various factors and the category chosen, it can take anywhere from 6 to 48 months. Family reunification and special program applicants are generally given priority. It may be better to apply through another embassy if you country's embassy is suffering from a back log.

Who is included in the application for permanent residence?
The application can include the applicant, spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 19. Under certain circumstances, children over the age of 19 may be included as dependants.

I know I don't qualify under the point system. Are there any options for me and my family?
People who don't have occupations that qualify for high points, those without university degrees, or perhaps those not fluent in English or French still have some options. You may qualify as a live-in caregiver, or if you have significant assets and either wish to invest money in Canada, or start your own business, you may easily qualify under one of the business categories. Please contact us for more deatils.

What about interviews?
Interviews are generally required to ensure the accuracy of the application and the suitability of the applicant. Although certain visa offices may waive interviews it is entirely up to the discretion of the individual office and officer.

Are there sample interview questions available?
Yes. Applicants will be personally assisted to prepare for their interview with an immigration officer.

Who must attend the interview?
In most circumstances, the applicant and spouse will be required to attend.

Are there any fees to the government?
Fees range from $75 to $1,000. For a breakdown, please consult the Fee Schedule included with our kit.

How do I know where to send my application?
Once completed and submitted to the offices of Mirabedini & Associates Immigration Services, we will review your application before forwarding it to the appropriate governmental office.

Do I have to reside in Canada in order to maintain permanent resident status?
You must not stay outside of Canada for more than 6 months in any 12 month period. If you must be away for a prolonged period, we can assist you in preserving your status for an absence of up to 2 years.

Who qualifies for Canadian citizenship?
Generally, individuals with three years of permanent resident status during the preceding four years can qualify for Canadian citizenship.

Do I have to be fluent in English or French?
Fluency in English or French is highly recommended. The Government places emphasis on the applicant's fluency in English and French, and a person fluent in both languages will receive the maximum number of language points. An individual with no fluency in either language will receive no points, which may place that application in jeopardy. The point system indicates that a maximum of 25 points can be obtained for English and French fluency. Varying points for a lack of fluency in either speaking, writing, or reading will decrease the total number of points. We recommend that our clients take a recognized language test.

Do I have to secure a job before coming to Canada?
In short, the answer to this question is "No", although under the point system there is an extra points granted for "arranged employment". It is possible to achieve the total point system required for immigration without having arranged employment. Immigration policy dictates that if a person has qualified under the point system for one of the hundreds jobs listed as being in demand in Canada, the possibility of successful establishment will be very good. Any arranged employment must be done with the cooperation of Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). The validation for such employment can take place only after it has been shown there are no other Canadians available to fulfill such a job opportunity.

What documents do I need to assemble for my application?
The documents required for your application depend on the category you apply under. Generally speaking, for an independent application or a business application the required documents include:

  • Identity and marriage documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Travel/passport documents
  • Letters of reference
  • Bank statements
  • Police certificates

If I have a criminal record, will my entry to Canada be barred?
A criminal record of the principal applicant or dependent, can present serious problems in any application for entry to Canada. Whether a record will present a permanent bar or be overlooked, depends on the type of conviction, the date of conviction, and whether adequate rehabilitation has taken place, both in the form of active programmes or elapsing of time.

What if I have a serious illness?
Each individual prior to immigrating to Canada, even having successfully obtained necessary points, will be required to undergo an extensive medical examination. The examination is conducted by government approved doctors who are located throughout various cities around the world. If a medical condition is a concern, it is best to review it with Success Immigration prior to making any application to immigrate.

How much money do I need to have before immigrating?
Although there is no specific amount established by the Canadian government with respect to money required for the interim period after landing, it is recommended that individuals have a minimum of CDN$10,000.00 to CDN$20,000.00 to support themselves and their dependents prior to finding a job. Under the new regulations, this may be changed to require enough to meet 4 months of funds for the part of Canada that the applicant intends as their initial home. In many cases, individuals who immigrate will have much more than that. However, it is best to have clear records showing net worth by way of bank statements, and by valuations of real property in order to convince the immigration officer you will not be seeking public assistance after having landed in Canada.

Do I have to go to an interview? And if so, where and with whom?
Once the paper screening of the application has been concluded, the next step is usually an interview before an immigration officer. An appointment for an interview can take upwards of two to twelve months, depending on the visa office.

In most cases, an interview will be required with the principal applicant and all dependents over the age of 18 years. This will require the applicant and accompanying dependents to travel to the consulate at which the application was submitted.

If the application is submitted at a visa office in a country other than your country of residence, it is imperative that you and your dependents have no difficulty in obtaining a visa to travel to that country for your interview.

What if I only want to work in Canada and not live there permanently?
The Immigration Act allows the entry of temporary workers into Canada with or without validations, or with simple authorizations. Currently, there are certain occupations within Canada that are in extremely high demand, requiring a simple authorization, without validation, that there are no other Canadians available for the job. The particular channels under which you can apply for entry into Canada are many, and can only be decided on after a full review of your skills and the opportunities available in Canada.

Can my elderly parents come with me?
Generally the answer to such a question is "No", unless there are very extenuating circumstances. The normal course for applying for the entry of parents or grandparents is under the family sponsorship route. This requires proof of relationship and meeting the LICO (Low Income Cut Off) standards of income.

In order to sponsor your relatives, you must prove to Canada Immigration that you have, according to the income tables, sufficient income to support a family group of a certain number, depending on the Canadian city you live in. These LICO figures are adhered to very closely by the immigration officers when assessing whether you will be able to sponsor any family relatives.

Do I have to go to a certain region within Canada to settle?
No. Canada does not have a policy of insisting you move to a certain region within Canada to seek opportunities for which you have qualified. However, some provinces have designated occupations (occupations or skills which are in demand). In this programms, applications are facilitated if the applicants agree to settle in a participating area.

Can I apply for Permanent Residency within Canada?
Formerly, all applications for permanent residency had to be made from outside of Canada, with the exception of live-in caregivers. In certain situations, such as marriages taking place within Canada, by visitors, or on special extenuating humanitarian compassionate grounds, Canada Immigration will entertain the receipt of permanent residence applications from within the country. Also, under the new regulations, persons in Canada on temporary worker authorizations, and students who have been in Canada for over two years and who have a valid job offer may apply for permanent residency from within.

Does it help my application if I have a relative in Canada?
If one has a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandfather or grandmother in Canada, the point system provides an additional points under the selection process.


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